Floor Plans

In Antler Ridge, you’re in control of your home’s construction. You can choose from our pre-established home plans—Elk Ridges, Antelope Slopes and Whitetail Terraces—or you can work directly with our design team to fully customize your home.

Custom doesn’t mean more expensive. We provide a guaranteed maximum price, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs that ruin your home-building experience.

With homes starting at $750,000, including the lot and GST, there’s an option for everyone. Stop by the sales center and show home to view the site of your future home.

elk ridge


Three-story homes.
10 lots available.
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One-story with walkout capabilities.
Eight lots available.
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Antelope Slopes

Two-story homes.
Five lots available
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Caribou Customs

One-story bungalow.
Four lots available.
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